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Cloudnine's Pita Ten Tv Review

Pita Ten

Rated: 8

When I started watching Pita Ten, I was slightly put off by the overly cutesy style and themes. But as I continued to watch I began to see the individual differences of each character and their charm; especially of Kotarou whose independent personality I can really identify with despite his relatively young age. Pita Ten is a cutesy anime, make no mistake at that. If you can’t stand overly cute anime, this might not be your cup of coffee. However, if you let your predisposition dictate what you watch, then you’ll be missing out on a heartwarming and enjoyable story. The music is cheerful and uplifting, the characters simply unforgettable. It’s funny moments will leave you laughing even though it’s obviously intended for a younger audience.

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Cloudnine's Chobits Tv Review


Rated: 10

Chobits is no doubt one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had watching anime. Each episode grows increasingly better (minus the recap episodes). The animation is well drawn and consistent through the entire series. It's lighthearted comedy will capture your smile, it's sadder moments will tug at your heart. The mature themes will draw you in a deeper philosophical question of life, though it's not overly apparent to the normal viewing audience, the message is there for a more mature viewer to ponder, Still, Chobits stays as a simple and sweet love story that anyone can enjoy, newbies and veterans. The characters are down to earth and well designed.

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Cloudnine's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Tv Review

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Rated: 9

I wasn’t particularly fond of the fact that Tsubasa being a crossover Clamp’s previous works. Crossovers usually meant that the people producing them have run out of ideas and are just sticking their older, better characters into the story for lack of original material. However, I was proven completely wrong when I finished the first volume. It turned out much better than I expected, the crossovers were done smoothly and perfectly. It didn't seem like they were thrown in just for fanservice, but moreso the fact that the story needed such a character for it to progress any further.

The story isn't entirely orginal, but that doesn't null the fact that Tsubasa is indeed enjoyable to read. The characters are charming and unforgettable, especially if you've read them in other titles.

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